About Us


President, John R Barone

For over 38 years, John L. Smith Inc. has been providing rental and certified pre-owned car services in the West Chester area. At Affordable Rental of West Chester, we pride ourselves on our outstanding sales and service departments, as well as our ability to provide 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed with every rental car. For us customer satisfaction is not just a one time thing, it is a pledge we stand by!

When you come into Affordable Rental of West Chester to see John Barone, you will have a large inventory of rental cars, trucks, and SUVs to choose from so that no matter what your needs are we have the right car for you! Whether you need the rental for a day, a week, or even longer Affordable Rental of West Chester does both short and long term car rentals for any length of time you need.

2011_hyundai_elantra_gls_-_06-02-2011_2Unlike many rental companies, Affordable Rental of West Chester doesn’t have the 25 years and up age restriction on our rentals, making it easy for all drivers 21 and over to get a rental when they need it most. At Affordable Rental West Chester, we aim to provide all of our customers with affordable rentals, no matter who you are. You can rent a car from Affordable Rental of West Chester starting as low as just $40 a day! We can say with pride that we offer some of the lowest rental prices around.

Affordable Rental of West Chester is conveniently located on the property of John L. Smith Used Cars. If you need a rental car but don’t want to pay outrageous rental rates, or pay even higher for renters under the age of 25, stop in to see John Barone at Affordable Rental of West Chester today. Our sales team will be happy to help you find the rental you need at prices you can afford!